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MOV, handling solutions

Complete range of trucks for internal material handling, characterised by the best design solutions and materials available. The machines from this line are designed to satisfy every requirement and to exceed the highest standards in reliability due to the quality of the components used along with modern production techniques.

  • MOV, handling solutions Pramac - QX22 Series

    QX22 Series

    The best performance

    The QX22 is the ideal machine where high speed movement of goods over long distances are required. Its high load capacity (2.2T), its excellent translation speed(10km/h), its high battery capacity(315Ah) and mobile battery change station makes the QX22 the best choice for multi-shift operations.
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  • MOV, handling solutions Pramac - QX20P Series

    QX20P Series

    Performance and versatility

    The QX20P is the new highly versatile PRAMAC's electric pallet truck. Thanks to its folding footplate it can be used in tight place or over medium distances with an excellent speed translation (8km/h). The strong frame, the SEM* motor technology and the braking system with energy recovery are just few samples of its high technology.
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  • MOV, handling solutions Pramac - QX Series

    QX Series

    The professional choice

    The QX18-QX20 are designed to give professional customers the right solution for their own specific handling needs. These trucks can be used in high intensity operations yet are flexible enough to satisfy a wide variety of warehouse applications providing high performance and efficiency.
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  • MOV, handling solutions Pramac - CX14 Series

    CX14 Series

    Great power and stability

    The CX14 powered truck is available in several versions fitted with MOSFET technology. They are suitable for carrying loads on smooth floors and other surfaces. The small size and turning radius make the CX14 range ideal for work in areas where space is at a premium, such as lorries or narrow aisles.
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